Are you on a journey to find that perfect, high-quality engagement ring without breaking the bank? At Valquère, we believe that luxury and affordability can coexist beautifully, just like our meticulously handcrafted engagement rings from Antwerp.



Discover A New Wave of Luxury: Affordably Priced Online

Selecting an engagement ring online may seem a bit unconventional, but the uncharted path can often lead to rewarding discoveries. It not only allows you to compare pricing and assortments from the comfort of your home but also offers a wider range of high-quality engagement rings than your local store could ever hold. Our custom-crafted engagement rings are sourced directly from ethically grown diamond suppliers, making it a new kind of luxury that is easier on your pocket than physical establishments with sizeable overheads.
Valquère ring

Mastering the Art of Smart Spending

The charm of a radiant, colourless diamond lies in its four distinguishing characteristics, referred to as the 4Cs. Mastering them can save you a fortune on your high-quality engagement ring without compromising on its elegance. An H colour grade diamond with SI1 clarity, good cut, set in a stunning white gold or platinum band creates an engagement ring that rivals even the most expensive ones in appearance. Remember, the price of a ring does not reflect its beauty or its ability to symbolise your love.  

Pick the Perfect Diamond for Your Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring includes understanding carat choices. While single digit carat weights are popular, opting for weights just under, such as 0.90 carat instead of 1 can save you up to 30% without noticeably affecting the gem’s appearance. It’s a small adjustment, but one that could make a world of difference to your wallet.
Valquère ring

Reimagining Tradition: Statement Engagement Rings

Here at Valquère, we believe in pushing boundaries and that reflects in our distinct array of ring designs. Ditch the traditional solitaire ring and opt for a halo setting to make your central diamond seem larger; it adds an impressive sparkle without the hefty price. Our Valquère experts are always ready to guide you because we believe that every love story deserves an affordable, high-quality engagement ring.  
Rediscover the beauty of luxury with Valquère, where each statement made is steeped in elegance and value.
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