How can you announce your engagement with more than just rings? How can you infuse your unique passion into the message and make it a statement that truly reflects you as a couple? And when should you choose between subtlety and extravagance? As you embark on this journey of commitment, we invite you to explore the Valquère difference - where high-quality lab grown diamonds, handcrafted statement jewellery from Antwerp, and personal service converge, to create a new kind of luxury.


How can I include my passion in the message?

Your engagement announcement doesn't have to be confined to traditional photographs of rings. At Valquère, we believe in celebrating individuality and love in its purest form; in creating an announcement that not only highlights your exquisite lab grown diamond engagement ring but also lets your personality shine. How about intertwining your hobbies or shared passions into the theme? Announcing your engagement over your favourite coffee mug or through a game of Scrabble can add a personal touch that speaks volumes about your bond. Just remember, it's your statement made, and it should resonate with both of you.

Humorous twists are always welcome. Imagine your precious pet or action figures flaunting your statement jewellery – adding a dash of fun while announcing your engagement.

Which type of announcements reflect us as a couple?

Choosing an announcement that truly reflects you as a couple can be as simple or elaborate as you are. For the active pair, a picture of you on a tandem bike, with a subtle hint about your engagement might just do the trick. If you’re more traditional, a save-the-date card can be your style. For nature-loving souls, a classy photoshoot in the outdoors, featuring your Valquère handcrafted jewellery, perfectly harmonizes your love for each other and the environment.

The engagement announcement can also be crafted to mirror your sartorial preferences. For the flamboyant, a colourful and bustling setting can perfectly underscore the brilliance of your engagement ring. Those with a minimalist aesthetic might prefer a sharp black and white photograph focussing on the handcrafted statement piece from Valquère, subtly captured in an embrace.
Remember, announcing your engagement is only the beginning. Let Valquère guide you in crafting a creative proposal and choosing the perfect engagement ring that speaks the language of love and luxury.

With a nod to recent data, indicating a steady increase in demand for handcrafted, lab-grown diamond jewellery, Valquère is here to empower your choice with quality and enchanting designs that make your love stand out.

So next time you think about how to announce your engagement, remember it's more than just a moment, it's your 'Statement Made'. Ask Valquère’s diamond experts for advice.
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