As you step into a new chapter of your lives, you and your partner seek to symbolize this journey with exquisitely handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp. You've chosen to buy together, a testament to your mutual maturity and clear vision for the future. Understanding that the statement made with your wedding jewellery reflects your unique relationship, why not personalize it together?


Begin with a groundwork of Knowledge

Diving into the world of tailor-made jewellery, your first step should be comprehensive research. Be it designs you both adore or the preferred metal tone, ensure you have a clear picture in mind. Perhaps you're both captivated by the sparkle of high-quality lab-grown diamonds or find the luster of white, yellow or red gold entrancing. These decisions will significantly guide your conversation with the jeweller.

While virtual exploration may not provide the same tangible experience, rest assured that it's feasible to view and feel the splendor of real jewellery in-store before you proceed with any purchase.

Experience the Diversity of Styles

Experimenting with an array of styles and metals is crucial, as only by adorning a ring can you truly envisage the final elegance. If you already possess an admirable jewellery collection, you might be acquainted with the tones that harmonize best with your skin.

When you try rings together, it eases the process of tailor-making your jewellery, providing a foundation for your design, and further fostering a creation that truly represents you both.

Designing Harmonizing Rings

Having decided to construct your engagement ring and wedding bands together, you add an unparalleled dimension of uniqueness and luxury to your relationship. The lingering question now is whether to go for matching styles or individualistic expressions.
Although matching rings, be it through similar outlines, engravings, or just varying sizes, remain a popular choice, don't shy away from different styles. After all, the statement made by your rings should be the reflection of your distinctive tale of love.

At Valquère, we walk with you through each stage of this tailor-made journey, with our magnificent team of designers and local goldsmiths from Antwerp. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries or book an appointment at one of Valquère's private showrooms.
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