In the marking of matrimonial milestones, many couples gift each other with a unique symbol of their journey. A diamond ring is a beautiful choice that resonates with most. As Valquère, we believe in the power of personal style, and recommend choosing a ring that aligns with your partner's distinct taste. Anniversaries are remarkable landmarks in your shared love story, and celebrating them with diamonds, especially lab-grown diamonds, is a tradition we cherish. This commitment to quality and personal service underscores Valquère's vision, "Statement Made."



Rethinking Traditions with Valquère

Historically, couples presented each other with wooden gifts on their fifth anniversary, and tin or aluminium offerings on the tenth. Nowadays, a diamond ring is fittingly reserved for the diamond anniversary. At Valquère, we encourage breaking the mould. Surprise your partner with a diamond ring, perhaps handcrafted in Antwerp, on an unexpected anniversary. Let our high-quality lab-grown diamonds compliment a piece that harmoniously enhances your existing wedding and engagement rings. An immensely popular choice is the diamond eternity ring, a symbol of unending love. The aim is to find a ring that remains true to your partner's evolving style over the years.

The Beauty of Diamond Rings

Often, women choose to include the anniversary ring with their wedding and engagement rings. Others reserve it for their right middle finger or rotate it with their wedding ring. It's all about personal preference, another key aspect of Valquère's approach. The anniversary ring can surely replace your wedding ring, marking a new phase in your journey. With Valquère, every diamond ring is an emphatic 'Statement Made'.

As trends shift towards ethical purchasing, lab-grown diamonds are garnering fame for their quality and sustainability. These diamonds have made a remarkable impact on the market, offering an attractive alternative to traditional diamonds. Celebrate your anniversary with a Valquère diamond ring, the epitome of this new luxury. Valquère would be pleased to help you in your search for a beautiful diamond ring to celebrate your wedding anniversary.
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