As the world turns its attention to the enigmatic celebration of the Chinese New Year, let's delve into the heart of this vibrant tradition and discover how Valquère, your personal jeweller in Antwerp, can enhance this joyous event with our handcrafted statement diamond earrings and necklaces.  


When do we celebrate the Chinese New Year?

Unlike the western calendar, the Chinese calendar aligns with moon cycles, which make the Chinese New Year a movable celebration. The festival begins on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar cycle, this year falling on the 16th of February. The festivities extend for seven days, with the official conclusion marked 15 days post commencement. Intricately linked to these festivities is the Chinese zodiac, with each year representing a zodiac animal that signifies particular characteristics for those born within that year. Chinese New Year 2018 celebrates the Year of the Dog, symbolizing luck.

What traditions are integral to the celebration?

The Chinese New Year, often referred to as the Spring Festival, embodies the concepts of renewal and fresh beginnings. Participants clad in bright red attire, believed to keep bad luck at bay, paint a vivid picture against the backdrop of mesmerizing fire shows, dazzling parades, and vibrant lantern displays. The crackling of fireworks is a constant rhythmic beat throughout the festivities, thought to scare away evil spirits and cleanse the incoming year.

Choosing the perfect diamond jewellery as a New Year gift

Amidst China's burgeoning economy, the tradition of gifting has evolved from simple red envelopes filled with money to luxurious offerings such as Valquère's exceptional, high quality, lab-grown diamond earrings and necklaces. Our statement style diamond jewellery, handcrafted in Antwerp, is increasingly favoured as a Chinese New Year gift, symbolizing a new kind of luxury. Consider the allure of diamond earrings with spectacular centre stones or a solitaire diamond necklace, both of which are particularly adored by Chinese millennials. These standout pieces, while simplistic, are precious and stunning - an impeccable gift for a special Chinese New Year.

Your Personal jeweller in Antwerp

At Valquère, we pride ourselves on our personal service and knowledgeable experts in diamonds. If you're on the hunt for the perfect solitaire diamond necklace or seeking advice on selecting the ideal pair of diamond earrings for this Chinese New Year, look no further than Valquère for an unrivalled, unique jewellery experience.
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