The tide is turning in the world of relationships and personal commitments. More women are making the decision to marry later in life or to remain in a relationship without the vows of marriage. At Valquère, we appreciate and celebrate this shift towards self-empowerment and expression of personal independence.


White gold engagement ring

The Rise of Women Buying Their Own Unique Engagement Rings

This trend is encapsulated in the act of women choosing to buy their own unique, handcrafted engagement rings - a luxurious statement of self-reliance and self-love. This newfound trend, backed by the rise of 11% in the number of single women between 2004 and 2014, is driven by factors such as career progression and personal growth.

As a brand that believes in the power of self-expression, Valquère offers high-quality lab-grown diamond engagement rings from Antwerp, each piece imbued with a unique spirit and a commitment to luxury.

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring that Reflects Your Personality and Lifestyle

At Valquère, we believe every piece of handcrafted jewellery should be a reflection of the wearer's individuality. So how do you pick the right engagement ring that embodies your unique style and lifestyle?

Are you a hopeless romantic drawn to warm hues and rounded forms? A heart-shaped diamond set in a red gold engagement ring could be just the right fit for you. If you're a nature enthusiast, a unique ring with floral engravings on the shank or a diamond nestled in petal-shaped gold might be the perfect symbol of your self-love.

Valquère offers a wide range of designer and classic jewellery, all crafted with the utmost dedication to quality and individual style. Browse our extensive online collection or reach out to us directly for a personalised service.

Our team of experts is always ready to create a unique, handcrafted engagement ring, individually tailored to your taste. Discover the Valquère difference and embrace the luxury of choice with our personal service today.
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