When it comes to choosing the diamond wedding set, many brides-to-be find themselves facing a challenge. With so many styles and varied tastes to cater for, how can one choose the perfect set that truly encapsulates their personal style? When it comes to shopping for diamond wedding sets, Valquère offers you a comprehensive guide on the dos and don’ts to consider in your quest for the ideal set.  


Wedding ring in white gold

The ‘Do's’ When Choosing Among Diamond Wedding Sets

The paramount rule in picking out your dream diamond wedding set is to let your personal preferences dominate. In the world of diamonds, variety is truly the spice of life. Mixing something old with something new not only nods towards economic trends but symbolizes an embrace of a newer kind of luxury. Whether it’s timeless heirlooms or sentimental pieces from yesteryears, they can brilliantly complement your new lab-grown diamond set from Valquère.

Still, the most critical thing is that your diamond jewellery bears the stamp of your unique style. Classic, timeless pieces for the ceremony, coupled with grand statement pieces for the evening soiree, strike an exquisite balance.

The ‘Don'ts’ When Choosing Diamond Wedding Sets

Purchasing under the constraint of a tight budget invariably leads to subpar quality. The allure of an exceptional diamond wedding set lies in its enduring quality. When you opt for Valquère, you are not just purchasing jewellery; you are investing in handcrafted pieces from the heart of Antwerp, where art meets science in the creation of our lab-grown diamonds.

Admittedly, personalising your jewellery is crucial when choosing between different diamond wedding sets. However, maintaining a harmonious relationship between your jewellery pieces is a decisive style statement.

Deciding Factors in Your Choice

How you view your diamond wedding set is crucial in your decision-making process. Are you inclined towards classic diamond pieces throughout the day, or do you have a fancy for a statement set in the evening? Take into account your comfort, as you'll be wearing these diamond pieces for hours.

The Perfect Diamond Wedding Sets

When it comes to selecting your dream diamond wedding set, Valquère stands by you every step of the way. Reach out to us for any assistance in your journey towards making your statement.
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