When selecting the ideal diamond for your engagement ring, the first step is more than just selecting a shape. Before pouring over various jewellers or diving into online collections, it's prudent to discern your partner's tastes. Valquère offers an array of handcrafted engagement rings, lovingly fashioned in Antwerp, where each piece speaks volumes on personal style and commitment.


Discovering the Diamond Shape

Handcrafted diamond engagement rings remain a timeless choice, with brilliance holding the top spot. However, personal taste is broadening the horizons, as seen in the surging popularity of the princess cut - a perfect blend for those seeking a modern flair. Opting for the right diamond shape lends an insight into your loved one's personality, so strive to decode their preferences.

Understanding the Diamond Size

While the size might first catch your eye, it's certainly not the only aspect. The carat weight of the diamond contributes to the overall look of the engagement ring but remember that a larger diamond doesn't guarantee superiority. Balance your penchant for size with the need for quality, and you will find the right diamond with Valquère.

Unravelling Diamond Quality

The 4 C’s: carat, clarity, colour, and cut characterise the quality of a diamond. The higher the quality, the more dazzling the diamond. Keep this in mind when choosing a diamond - often, it's better to opt for multiple high-quality diamonds rather than a larger diamond of the same carat weight but lesser quality.

Delve into Valquère's exquisite collection of engagement rings for a new kind of luxury. Should you need any assistance or have any queries regarding our models, our personal service is always at your disposal. If you have any questions about a specific model, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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