Are you in the quest for a unique lab grown diamond that communicates your personal style? Then you've arrived at the right place, Valquère. We specialize in exquisite lab grown diamond jewelry that seamlessly blends traditional European craftsmanship with innovative technologies. Our pieces are available in yellow gold, white gold, red gold and platinum – metals known for their distinctive charm and features.

Our diamonds? They're created to shine brightly for a lifetime. At Valquère, we take pride in our ethical, sustainable, and superior quality lab grown diamonds that redefine the luxury diamond landscape. 


Choosing the Ideal Metal for Your Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry:

We understand the importance of making your statement, which is why we're committed to guiding you through the unique traits of each precious metal. Discover which metal best complements your lab grown diamond engagement ring, wedding band, necklace, or bracelet.

Opting for Yellow or Red Gold Jewellery with Lab Grown Diamonds:

• Gold jewelry embodies a sense of traditional elegance and warmth 

• Easily adaptable to any jewel design 

• Can be alloyed with copper or silver to achieve its unique yellow or red hue 

• Infrequent cause of skin irritation 

• At Valquère, we only use 18 Karat gold (75% gold) 
Handmade ring

Choosing White Gold Jewelry with Lab Grown Diamonds:

• White gold comprises 75% gold, rendering it highly malleable 

• Refined with rhodium for that extra sparkle and fortification 

• Perfect match for minimalist jewelry designs 

• Variation in colors possible due to alloying with silver, palladium, copper. At Valquère, all our white gold jewelry is mixed with top-quality palladium for more enduring silvery-white color. 
Valquère engagement ring

Selecting Platinum Jewelry with Lab Grown Diamonds:

• Platinum is robust, enduring, and maintains its weight over time 

• More exclusive and rare than gold 

• Hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin 

• Ideal for intricate designs and pave set lab grown diamonds 

• We exclusively use 950 Platinum (95% platinum) at Valquère 

Purchase Lab Grown Diamonds Online: Satisfaction guaranteed

Considering a gold or platinum piece with a lab grown diamond? Purchase with ease and affordability from Valquère, your trusted online jeweler. When you choose to buy lab grown diamond jewelry from us, you gain high-quality pieces at a more desirable price.

As a leading name in lab grown diamond jewelry, Valquère strives to provide the best price-to-quality ratio. Finding it hard to choose from our extensive range of lab grown diamond jewelry and precious metals? Our dedicated team of experts is just one call away. Experience the exceptional customer service that sets Valquère apart as we assist you in finding your perfect lab grown diamond jewelry piece!
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