As you embark on your wedding planning journey, the first challenge that might have puzzled you is the question: How does one pick a wedding date? No worries, here at Valquère we're more than just your premier destination for high-quality lab grown diamonds. We're your guide to making the wedding of your dreams come true, starting from your engagement ring to the exchange of wedding rings which are destined to shine bright for a lifetime.  


Commence Your Wedding Date Selection with The Venue

Firstly, choose which season or month aligns with your wedding vision. Have a particular venue or ballroom on your radar? Reach out and check their openings for your ideal period. You'll find venues can be fully booked even a year in advance, a testament to their popularity.

Planning On A Destination Wedding?

Saying 'I do' on a stunning beach, amidst a tranquil vineyard or in an exotic location can be breathtakingly beautiful. If such a destination wedding is your dream, a preparation period of 15 months is recommended. Before setting a date, investigate the local weather, national holidays, and peak tourist times.
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Considering Wedding Dates During Holidays? Think again.

While it might seem appealing, tying the knot during school holidays or long weekends can be fraught. Many families plan trips well in advance, especially for the summer holidays. Therefore, to ensure all your loved ones can attend, be wary not to clash with these times or (pre-)exam periods.
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Symbolic Dates - Personalize Your Big Day

Weddings are often steeped in symbolism, from the pristine white dress to the lab grown diamond engagement ring. Why not add another layer of sentimentality by choosing a symbolic date? Our tip: opt for a date special only to you. Perhaps the day you first met or shared your first kiss. Popular dates like Valentine’s Day can be crowded, and remember, this is your day to make your unique statement.

The Best Month To Get Married

While we've cautioned against holiday season weddings, it is interesting to note that June through September are the most favored wedding months. In selecting your date, review your calendars and choose a date that works best for you. Soon enough you'll be starting the exciting countdown to your big day!

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