With Valquère, your engagement ring transforms into a unique handcrafted treasure from Antwerp. Thanks to today's advanced laser technology, an endless array of distinct engraving ideas can be brought to life. Whether you desire a classic date or name, an engraving on the outside, or even a love symbol, we can create a piece that speaks to your heart. Our laser engraving technology offers limitless possibilities for personalising engagement rings, ensuring that your piece is nothing short of a statement.  



White gold engagement ring

The Elegance of Traditional Engravings

Traditionally, the engagement date and your names are subtly etched on the inside of your high-quality, lab-grown diamond engagement ring. At Valquère, we offer an array of fonts for your choosing. Simply input your desired text online, select your preferred font and witness the transformation through a preview of your chosen engraving. In addition, the inside of your ring can accommodate a small, yet stunning diamond for that extra touch of elegance.

Symbols that Speak Volumes

For those who seek to break from tradition, we offer the option to engrave meaningful symbols onto your engagement ring. Think eternity symbols, hearts, interlocked circles, or even Chinese characters. The choices are abundant, allowing you to create a piece that truly reflects your unique love story.

Signature Engravings for Your Engagement Ring

For the ultimate personalisation, consider engraving your fingerprint on your engagement ring. Our innovative laser technology guarantees the capture of every intricate detail, ensuring that your presence remains with your partner, always. Or perhaps, etch a story of your relationship onto your ring. A small map marking a special place, a common hobby or the things that characterise your bond - anything can be immortalised on your ring, making it a true statement of your love.  

Need expert advice on selecting your perfect engagement ring engraving? Our dedicated Valquère team, based in Antwerp, is eager to assist, ensuring you experience a high level of personal service and statement luxury that our brand embodies. 
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