In the realm of love and luxury, a solitaire from Valquère holds the power to declare your feelings. Not just ordinary ornaments, our handcrafted solitaire rings from Antwerp are genuine tokens of eternal love.


Solitaire diamond ring

A Solitaire - The Hallmark of Everlasting Love

Dazzling in its minimalistic elegance, a ring adorned with a singular, lab-grown diamond on a resplendent hand leaves an unmistakable mark. The wearer is poised, ready to walk hand in hand into the future with their beloved. Enter the world of Valquère, where the solitaires are symbols of a new kind of luxury, promising high-quality and personal service.

Solitaire rings, crafted with love in Antwerp, continue to be the choice du jour across the globe for those popping the question. These rings perfectly align with the tastes of those who cherish a statement yet classic style.

Holding a solitaire engagement ring is like holding a star - a star that’s yours and yours alone. Add to its radiance by pairing it with a diamond bracelet. At Valquère, we're here to guide you in this special purchase.

The Four Cs to Consider When Choosing Your Solitaire

Navigating the world of diamonds involves familiarising yourself with the 4Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat, forming the criteria that jewellers use to classify and value these gemstones.

We encourage our customers to trust their instincts and eyes when choosing their solitaire. At Valquère, we provide a curated range of high-quality, lab-grown diamond solitaire rings. Our team is ready to assist you in making your engagement ring dreams come true, with the settings of our solitaires generally designed with four or six prongs.

In this rapidly evolving market with fluctuating diamond prices, trust Valquère to offer the best value. At Valquère, we strive to keep you updated with the latest industry knowledge, ensuring your experience with us is as sparkling as our diamonds.

A Luxury Statement with Valquère Solitaires

As we bring this piece to a close, remember to consider all the information shared herein as you venture into your luxury jewellery journey. We hope our reimagined and updated piece, crafted in the authentic voice of Valquère, is as illuminating as our solitaires. And, as always, we stand ready to assist you in any way we can.
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