Gift-giving is a cherished tradition and jewellery makes a perfect present for a variety of occasions. Jewellery stands as a personal and timeless expression of sentiment, and there are hardly better choices than a diamond necklace when it comes to gift-giving. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day or your grandmother's birthday, choosing a necklace as a gift is a versatile option.  


A Diamond Necklace – A Gift for Any Occasion

Unlike earrings or rings, a necklace is suitable for almost anybody on your gifting list – from your partner to your daughter, mother, or even your granny. Choosing the right necklace depends on the personality and taste of the receiver. The necklace emerges as a timeless accessory that fits any occasion. You can gift it at a child's birth, for birthdays, graduation, job promotions, anniversaries, or even holidays like Christmas or Valentine's Day. The necklace disregards age, embracing anyone from childhood to old age with its timeless charm.

In recent times, engagement necklaces have also gained popularity, especially for women who can’t wear rings due to their profession.

Choosing the Perfect Chain or Pendant

When gifting a necklace, three vital factors should be at the heart of your decision: the receiver's personal taste, the occasion, and your budget. For instance, a fine chain with a single diamond pendant could be the classic choice for minimalists, while the modern trend of tennis necklaces could meet the fashion standards of the younger generation.
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Diamond Necklace – The Ultimate Gift

In the jewellery world, luxury is often associated with the quality, finishing, and the selection of your diamonds. A necklace can be the highlight of your daily attire or a formal evening event, catching the eye and leaving a lasting impression. A sparkling diamond will compliment any outfit.

Decoding Luxury: The Valquère Experience

Luxury is often subjective, taking different forms for different beholders. In the world of jewellery, luxury manifests not just in breathtaking designs but in the quality, finish, and selection of diamonds. At Valquère, we seamlessly merge European craftsmanship with innovative technologies to redefine the luxury diamond landscape.
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Considerations When Buying a Luxury Necklace

The price and value of a luxury necklace is primarily determined by the diamonds used, more than the precious metal. The value of diamonds is defined by the 4 Cs: Carat, Colour, Clarity, and Cut.

At Valquère, we offer diamonds with minimal inclusions not visible to the naked eye and a very good or excellent cut, at the best price-quality ratio. Our E VVS2 and F VS1 diamonds are visually indistinguishable from the crème de la crème of diamonds, with a considerable difference in price.
Valquère is committed to guiding you through the process of buying a diamond necklace as a gift, offering exceptional customer service and free advice. We will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the perfect diamond quality, as well as providing you with a personal offer. Experience the joy of gift-giving with a touch of luxury. Contact us.
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