The allure of a gold bracelet is undeniably timeless. A symbol of elegance, sophistication, and luxe, this accessory is particularly striking when adorned with high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Each Valquère design is handcrafted in the heart of Antwerp; a testament to our commitment to personal service and statement-making luxury.


White gold diamond tennis bracelet Valquère

“Tennis bracelet” – a sparkling tribute

The story behind the name "tennis bracelet" traces back to the American tennis star Chris Evert. In 1987, during a match, she lost her sparkling diamond bracelet and paused the match until it was found. This iconic design is often realised in white gold or platinum, enhancing the brilliance of the diamonds. Yet, the yellow gold tennis bracelet also holds a unique charm, effortlessly complementing any attire.

The refined glamour of a more delicate bracelet

For those who embrace understated charm, a more delicate gold bracelet might be the perfect choice. These fine pieces often feature a solitaire diamond, highlighting its brilliance and elevating the bracelet's allure. Such a gold bracelet embodies a subtle luxury that leaves a lasting impression.

Choosing a unique bracelet, symbolising a statement made, represents not just a purchase but an experience with Valquère. Our diamond link bracelets are prime examples of this subtle yet luxurious allure. The hint of diamond sparkle in the precious gold links creates a stunning effect for any occasion.

Eternal beauty of the slave bracelet

The slave bracelet, a timeless classic, has adorned wrists for centuries in various sizes and shapes. These designs, despite their boldness, offer immense comfort and flexibility. They can be worn alone or stacked and exude a subtle glamour or a bold statement. Modern designs add a unique twist to this classic gold bracelet, offering playful finesse or making a designer statement.

In conclusion, the journey of selecting your golden bracelet from Valquère's extensive collection of high-quality, handcrafted pieces is as enriching as owning the piece. These gold bracelets are more than just accessories; they symbolise a new kind of luxury.
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