Often, women express reservations about wearing precious diamond rings, worried they might endure damage. However, at Valquère, we ensure our handcrafted diamond rings last a lifetime, provided they are handled with love.

Still searching for that statement-making diamond ring? Allow us to guide you through Valquère's exquisite range, where our dedication to quality and sophisticated design language shine in every piece.

Diamond rings often spend their days hidden away in a jewellery box, protected from the possibility of damage or loss. Yet, we believe that a diamond ring, especially one of high-quality, lab-grown stones and masterful handcrafting, yearns to be worn. Let us introduce you to three styles of rings that are comfortable, practical, and perfectly suited for an active career woman.


The Eternity Ring

A testament to continuous love, the beloved eternity ring is often cast in white gold or platinum and adorned with brilliant, colourless diamonds. With diamonds expertly set in the ring's frame, symbolizing a new kind of luxury, the eternity ring is ideal for everyday wear.

The Bezel Setting

Easily distinguished, the bezel setting engulfs the central diamond with a precious metal ring. This style endorses a statement of luxury and makes the perfect engagement ring for the active career woman.

The Solitaire Ring

Conjuring up images of a single, striking diamond, the Solitaire ring is a classic choice. Typically fixed by four or six prongs, this widely known design is the perfect engagement ring for those leading active lives but still wish to flaunt a stunning diamond ring.

In search of a striking diamond ring that embodies the active career woman you are? Explore our vast array of handcrafted diamond rings and find personalized designs that reflect your style. For any inquiries or particular interests, feel free to get in touch with us. We promise to serve you with the personal service that we stand by at Valquère.

Capping off, whether you're looking for an everyday accessory or a treasured keepsake, there's a Valquère diamond ring that guarantees a statement made. Ride the wave of latest industry trends, and indulge in Antwerp's finest, handcrafted jewellery.
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