At Valquère, we believe gold - a timeless and valuable material - remains forever a spotlight in the jewellery world. Our handcrafted gold earrings add a touch of luxury to any outfit, reflecting elegance and understated panache.



Gold trilogy engagement rings

Why Is Gold Such a Great Material for Earrings

Gold, boasting intrinsic beauty, has adorned humans since its earliest discovery. Its radiant aura enhances the aesthetic value of anyone who does it, be it with an effulgent statement piece or an understated elegant trinket. Its compatibility with evolving fashion trends ensures a golden touch remains ever fascinating.

To accentuate beauty, gold earrings serve as a stunning spectacle, transcending cultures, and traditions over ages. But why choose gold earrings over myriad other options? Join us as we navigate the benefits of our Antwerp handcrafted, lab-grown diamond studded, gold earrings.

Gold's rarity and preciousness make it an exquisite choice for earrings. Its wide acceptance as a symbol of wealth stems from its historical use as a monetary reserve, showcasing its enduring value. Additionally, gold, being highly malleable, allows us to craft it into intricate artworks, embodying Valquère’s signature style – a statement made. Our gold earrings retain their shine over time, due to gold's inherent characteristic of being tarnish-resistant, making them a worthwhile investment in fashion.

What Benefits Are There to Wearing Gold Earrings

Wearing gold earrings does more than just enhance aesthetic appeal. Gold's hypoallergenic properties make it a gentler choice for your skin, reducing the risk of irritation common with cheaper metals. The warm radiance of yellow gold earrings and the celestial glimmer of white gold ones complement all skin tones, reflecting the wearer's innate beauty.

To experience the luxury of the highest quality gold earrings, trust in a jeweller with a commitment to craftsmanship and personal service. Valquère offers a selection of statement pieces, handcrafted in Antwerp, and adorned with high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Our commitment to personal service ensures support throughout your purchase, with a comfortable return policy for your peace of mind.

Discover your ideal diamond-studded gold earrings online with Valquère. Each piece serves as a testament to our commitment to a new kind of luxury, crafted with care to make your statement.
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