At Valquère, we celebrate a variety of styles in diamond jewelry, be it the mystical vibes of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras, timeless classics, or our modern designs that showcase our high-quality, lab-grown diamonds in a modern and minimalist style.  


White gold diamond solitaire necklace

Embrace the Allure of Contemporary Cuts & Designs

Geometric shapes such as the 'princess cut' for diamonds remain sought-after for their minimalist and modern appeal. With a look akin to an upside-down pyramid, this cut, developed in the late ‘70s, showcases sparkles and fire unmatched in allure. These diamonds, set within a solitaire pendant, for instance, define the minimalist and modern style of Valquère necklaces.

Minimalism: Luxury in Reduction

As fashion pioneer Jil Sander once said, "The purest form of luxury is reduction." Emerging in the 1960s, minimalism in design took the world by storm. With clear, geometric structures, it counteracted the chaotic forms of abstract expressionism. Today, the minimalistic style is a soothing retreat from sensory overload, a testament to the beauty of reduction. In the realm of jewellery design, minimalism means showcasing the pure beauty of quality materials. At Valquère, it means handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, featuring high-quality precious metals and our superior lab-grown diamonds.

The Valquère Promise: High Quality and Personal Service

Looking for a necklace in a modern and timeless design? Our Valquère experts will provide you with personal service, guiding you to your perfect Valquère piece. Contact us and experience a brand that stands for a new kind of luxury, where every statement made is a pledge of unmatched quality, minimalistic style and timeless elegance.
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