In a fusion of innovation and tradition, Valquère crafts the modern luxury paradigm. We cater to the needs of the discerning Smart Luxury consumer; an individual who effortlessly blends a conscientious business and material mindset to align with their premium lifestyle. 


Yellow gold diamond necklace

Valquère: Ushering a Luxe Evolution

Our customer demographic is truly global with a strong presence in Europe. Defined by their tech-savviness and early adopter tendencies, they embrace high-quality lab-grown diamonds as an expression of their commitment to sustainability, ethics, and new technologies.

Valquère necklaces, a modern reinterpretation of timeless elegance, presents the epitome of this new luxury. Handcrafted in Antwerp, our band aligns itself with our consumers' interests, values, and motivations. Like our clientele, we believe in balancing the rich essence of luxury and tradition without compromising on sustainability or financial value.

Making a Statement with Valquère Jewellery

"Statement made" is the ethos that guides our brand and shapes the character narratives of our consumers. Our jewellery caters to those who dare to be distinct and strive for nothing less than excellence. Each piece we create mirrors this audacious spirit, establishing an emotional connection between our brand and the Smart Luxury consumer.

As pioneers in crafting unique, custom designs, our product line emphasizes modern necklaces with larger diamonds, combined with less focus on designs with smaller stones. We value quality and offer diamonds that range from FVS1 to EVVS2. Our innovative approach has led us to recently introduce colored diamonds such as pink and blue, highlighting the grandeur of statement pieces and the consumer's unique taste.

Embracing Lab-Grown Diamonds

In line with our core values, we offer lab-grown diamonds. An environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds, these stunning stones allow for an upgraded size or an enhanced personal jewellery collection within a similar budget. Owing to a controlled production process, we ensure consistent color and brightness across our offerings.

Therefore, Valquère presents a modern luxury experience, each piece embodying our devotion to personal service and handcrafted quality. Our necklaces, sparkling with high-quality lab-grown diamonds, make a statement - a new kind of luxury celebrating the Smart Luxury consumer.

Update for Today's Diamond Market

We continually update our information to reflect the dynamic diamond market trends. Stay tuned to understand the fluctuating diamond prices and make an informed choice for your next investment in luxury.

Are you looking for a necklace or chain with a modern and timeless design? The Valquère experts look forward to advising you free of charge and without obligation. Get in touch.
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