Embracing the joy of an engagement need not be held back by the daunting price tag of a diamond ring. With Valquère, you can truly express your love with a handcrafted engagement ring straight from the heart of Antwerp, without breaking the bank. The art of saving money on an engagement ring lies as much in knowledge as in an understanding of the perfect fusion of quality, design, and affordability.



Shopping Online for Valquère's Lab Grown Diamonds

Choosing an engagement ring from Valquère might seem unconventional, but it's a bold step into a new kind of luxury. Our online shopping experience is synonymous with personal service. We offer you the highest quality lab-grown diamonds at the best possible price.

The Power of Clarity and Colour

It's a misconception that a lower clarity grade or colour grade compromises the quality of a diamond. In truth, these differences are often imperceptible to the naked eye. By considering these factors, you can save money on your engagement ring without compromising on the Valquère statement style. Opt for white gold or platinum settings that enhance the brilliance of your diamond.

Carats with a Conscience

The industry-standard 1-carat diamond isn't the only option. Why not consider an elegant 0.90 carat? You'll save approximately 30%, and the size difference is virtually unnoticeable. Your ring will remain a piece of art, and your budget will remain intact.

Rethinking Tradition with Non-traditional Shapes

Choosing a halo setting over the traditional solitaire can make your ring appear larger and more striking. Plus, it's a brilliant way to save money on your engagement ring. At Valquère, the combination of several lab grown diamonds set around a slightly smaller centre stone redefines the traditional statement made.

Valquère is proud to offer a wide range of exquisite, handcrafted diamond engagement rings. Our unique blend of Antwerp craftsmanship, innovative design and personal service is the ideal way to save money and make a striking statement.
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