White gold rings have long stood as a beacon of tradition and elegance in the realm of nuptial jewellery. With Valquère, the allure of a white gold ring is not just kept alive, but magnificently reinvented. Adorn your commitment with the sparkle of our high-quality lab-grown diamonds, nestled impeccably in white gold. This unique metal augments the diamond's radiance, cut, and shine, allowing those with an affection for silver hues to uphold tradition without diminishing the ring's beauty.

Two Unique Ways to Elevate Your Marriage Proposal with a White Gold Ring:


White gold emerald cut engagement ring Valquère

Immortalize Your Shared Memories

In the age of effortless smartphone videography, homage to your shared past becomes a heartfelt prelude to your shared future. Capture snippets of your memorable moments in locales that hold special significance in your narrative. Perhaps it's the park that bore witness to your shared laughter or the restaurant where you first met her parents, every location is a chapter in your shared story. As you reminisce these cherished moments, present her with a beautifully handcrafted white gold ring from Valquère. With our jewels, statement made is not just a tagline, but a testament to your unique love story.

A Beach Proposal to Steal Her Heart

The ocean, with its vastness and sublime beauty, often mirrors the depth and allure of love. Utilize this romantic potential to plan a beach proposal she'll forever remember. Express your love by engraving your marriage proposal in the sand, and then present her with an exquisite white gold ring from Valquère. This incomparable symbol of love, crafted with precision and passion in Antwerp, will remain etched in her heart forever.

Valquère: Your Guide to Artisanal White Gold Rings

Choose Valquère for your white gold ring. Our expert team is committed to guiding you through your purchase, ensuring you select a piece that truly encapsulates your love. Browse our collection of timeless white gold rings on our website and experience a new kind of luxury.
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