In the world of diamonds, the spotlight often falls on the brilliant and princess cuts. However, stepping out of tradition and into the realm of distinctive luxury, we find the understated Asscher cut solitaire ring. This diamond cut, not as widely recognized but no less luxe, is an expression of a unique kind of extravagance. These handcrafted gems from Antwerp embody the very essence of Valquère - a distinct statement akin to wearing a piece of timeless, personal luxury.



Yellow gold solitaire diamond ring

Unveiling History

The journey of the Asscher cut begins in 1902 with Joseph Asscher, a member of the renowned Dutch Asscher diamond family. This family became famous after polishing the world's largest rough diamond - the 3,106 carat Cullinan. The Asscher cut diamond thrived during the Art Deco period of the 1920s, often adorning solitaire rings and becoming a favoured choice among many women. Over time, the cut experienced a revival and resurgence around the new millennium, earning additional allure through enhancements that increased its sparkle.

The Shape of Distinction

The unique allure of the Asscher cut diamond lends itself perfectly to the solitaire ring. In an age where vintage jewels are gaining more appreciation, this diamond cut has reemerged as a leading favourite. The modern Asscher cut retains the classic square shape with softened corners, but its longer facets induce an even greater sparkle. No wonder it's witnessing a surge in popularity, especially when gracing a solitaire ring. An Asscher cut diamond ring isn't merely timeless; it symbolises a new form of luxury, one that intrigues with an air of refinement and allure.

Choosing an Asscher cut diamond solitaire ring as an engagement ring is a choice for originality and a clear statement to the world. At Valquère, we offer an extensive collection of handcrafted diamond rings, providing an eclectic mix of lab-grown, high-quality diamonds for every taste.

Remember, the essence of luxury isn't just the material, but the story it carries and the statement it makes. Choose Valquère, and make your statement. Contact us now. 
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