Experience the enchanting allure of Valquère's signature white gold bracelets. Our lab-grown diamonds lend a sustainable edge to these timeless classics, such as the diamond tennis bracelet. Unearth the perfect bracelet in white gold, from our extensive range, each piece handcrafted in Antwerp, symbolizing a new kind of luxury.


White gold tennis bracelet

Unravelling the Classic Charms of White Gold Bracelets

Embrace the captivating beauty of a diamond bracelet in white gold, an essential addition to every jewellery box. Valquère offers a diverse array of radiant white gold bracelet designs to complement both casual and chic outfits. Each piece is meticulously crafted by our skilled artisans in Antwerp, ensuring every bracelet is more than a piece of jewellery; it's a statement made.

The Unfading Classics: Valquère's Spectacular White Gold Bracelets

Our collection includes the breathtaking eternity bracelet, inspired by the iconic American tennis player Chris Evert. With a band fully adorned with our high-quality, lab-grown diamonds, this white gold bracelet is a sparkling symbol of everlasting elegance. For minimalist enthusiasts, our delicate solitaire diamond bracelet is an irresistible choice. All our diamonds are meticulously chosen and set in white gold, reflecting light beautifully, ensuring you shine the brightest.

White Gold vs Platinum: The Luxury Metals in Jewellery

White gold, with its stunning grey-white shade, is a luxurious choice, but for those seeking a more long-lasting option, platinum excels. Both metals share a similar colour palette; however, platinum's superior durability and low-maintenance nature account for its higher price point. Whether your preference is for white gold or platinum, Valquère offers an expansive collection of diamond bracelets in both noble metals, asserting our commitment to personal service and quality.

Find Your Perfect Statement with Valquère

Discover the perfect white gold bracelet at Valquère. Each design reflects Valquère's core values: high-quality lab-grown diamonds, handcrafted jewellery, personal service, and a commitment to creating pieces that aren't merely accessories but a statement of luxury and elegance. Contact us if you have any queries or if you're interested in exploring more of our unique, handcrafted designs.
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