Embark on an enlightening journey as we explore the often overlooked, yet significantly influential diamond aspect, the girdle, and its effect on the setting of a solitaire ring. Sketched with perfection by hand in the diamond capital, Antwerp, Valquère's distinctive collection of solitaire rings, presents a new breed of luxury within the realm of high-quality lab grown diamonds.


Solitaire ring

Delving Into the Girdle

The girdle, a band that envelopes the diamond's width, is a fascinating feature that separates the crown on one side and the pavilion on the other. Sculpted with precision, it comprises 16 hills and 16 valleys, a testament to the meticulous handcrafting that defines every Valquère piece.

Decoding Girdle Thickness

An optical device measures the girdle thickness in millimetres, expressed as a percentage calculated against the diamond's average diameter. As defined by the GIA, girdle thickness varies from Extremely Thin to Extremely Thick.

However, extremes in girdle thickness pose challenges. An extremely thin girdle, although visually enticing, is fragile and susceptible to damage. On the contrary, a very thick girdle conceals weight, implying that the diamond appears lighter than its actual carat value.

Maximising Weight Yield Subtly

Polishers employ techniques like Painting and Digging Out to subtly heighten the diamond's yield without compromising its visual appeal. These methods are acceptable within the defined thresholds of the GIA. Any significant alteration jeopardises the diamond's visual allure and grading.

Girdle Size and Its Influence On Solitaire Ring Setting

In case of a solitaire ring, whether adorned with prongs or in a bezel setting, the girdle needs to maintain a certain thickness to withstand the setting process. Precisely why at Valquère, we ensure the perfect girdle thickness for our handcrafted solitaire rings, providing not just an impeccable piece of jewellery but also a true 'Statement Made'.

In the ever-evolving diamond market landscape, high-quality lab grown diamonds are becoming a popular choice, particularly for their sustainable production process, cost-effectiveness, and identical physical properties to mined diamonds.

In conclusion, the girdle's size plays a pivotal role in a solitaire ring, accentuating its elegance, integrity and longevity. And in the world of Valquère, these attributes are artfully entwined to deliver a masterpiece with every piece. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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