Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be an overwhelming experience given the variety of designs and price ranges available. Fear not, our guide is here to help you choose that ultimate statement piece embodying a new kind of luxury. Below we present five of the most sought-after engagement ring styles, each handcrafted with high-quality lab-grown diamonds in Antwerp, to make your journey a bit smoother.



Yellow gold emerald cut engagement ring

Signature Solitaire

The solitaire engagement ring holds its place as the most classic of all designs. A testament to Valquère's immaculate craftsmanship and attention to detail, the design seeks to place the spotlight on the diamond. With a solitaire ring, one exquisite diamond is set in the metal of your choice. The settings can range from prongs to half bezel or even full bezel. The result? A simple, yet elegant piece of statement jewellery that never goes out of style.

The Romantic Trilogy

Presenting a trio of diamonds, the trilogy design is another elegant style. Each stone, synonymous with a phase of life - the past, the present, and the future - evokes strong romantic sentiments, almost like a love story etched in diamonds/

Glamorous Halo

For those who love all things glitzy and glamorous, the halo engagement ring might just be your pick. This style features a sea of smaller diamonds surrounding the centerpiece, boosting its brilliance. Furthermore, this arrangement enhances the center stone, making it appear larger and shiner - a true statement made.

Toi et Moi - A Symbol of Unity

A design that perfectly captures the essence of an engagement ring! The Toi et Moi ring features two stones sitting next to each other, representing the unity between two individuals. This design can incorporate two same-size stones of different colors to symbolize each partner, making it a unique engagement ring style.

Design - Unleash Your Creativity

Want something that stands out from the crowd? Consider designer jewellery. Whether it's part of an ongoing collection or a temporary one, a designer engagement ring from Valquère is sure to offer unmatched originality.

Once you've chosen a style, consider the size of the diamond for your precious ring. Are you ready to embark on this journey to find your perfect handcrafted engagement ring from Antwerp?

Valquère offers many designs and more in its extensive and exquisite online collection. Shop confidently with our secure online payment system and experience our personalised service as your handcrafted piece arrives at your doorstep. Don't forget, with Valquère, every engagement ring is a statement made.
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