At Valquère, we believe in the beauty of unique, high-quality lab-grown diamonds. A cushion cut diamond, with its historic charm and radiant brilliance, stands as a testament to our commitment to deliver handcrafted Antwerp jewellery of unsurpassed quality. Each carefully selected diamond tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship, fulfilling your desire for a statement piece that truly symbolizes a new kind of luxury.


The Lustrous Allure of the Cushion Cut Brilliant

The cushion cut brilliant, with its deeply-rooted history and unwavering popularity, is a celebration of timeless elegance. Its distinguishing round corners and extended facets allow for an unmatched brilliance, making it an ideal centrepiece for an engagement ring or dazzling earrings. Each cushion cut diamond from Valquère is more than just a purchase; it's a thoughtfully made investment for life, exuding brilliance that only grows over time.

The Enchanting Magic of the Modified Cushion Cut Brilliant

The modified cushion cut brilliant may resemble its namesake at first glance. However, its additional row of facets lends an extraordinary sparkle reminiscent of twinkling water or crushed ice, distinguishing it from its counterpart. As a result of their unique allure and higher carat yield post-cutting, these diamonds are often a more affordable choice.

Whether you're planning to propose with a stunning diamond or planning a birthday surprise, consider a cushion cut or modified cushion cut diamond from Valquère. Experience the personal touch of our service as we help you explore other captivating diamond shapes that cater to your preference.
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