The solitaire ring, an eternal symbol of elegance, consistently ranks number one amongst our most adored engagement rings. It's not just about playing it safe; it's about discovering that perfect piece of handcrafted Antwerp jewellery that she will cherish forever. But where does one start in navigating the myriad of options a solitaire ring presents?


Blue diamond ring Valquère

The Art of Choosing a Solitaire Ring

Choosing a solitaire ring extends beyond its timeless appeal. This diamond wonder, available in seven refined forms, can enhance any ensemble. Picking the perfect ring isn't as simple as you might think. It's about aligning her preferences in terms of shape, colour, and harmonizing the ring with her existing jewellery collection. It's about understanding her affinity for certain precious metals. So armed with this knowledge, it's time to indulge in the thrill of ring hunting.

Selecting the Diamond – Quality Over Size

The charm of a solitaire ring lies in its single, captivating diamond. A larger stone might be tempting, especially if your budget is on the leaner side, but we recommend a smaller, high-quality diamond. A Valquère lab grown diamond is more about class, luxury, and opting for quality over size. Remember, it's not the size but the quality that determines the 4 C's brilliance. And of course, the setting plays a vital role too - with 4 or 6 prongs or a bezel setting shaping the final look.

Choosing the Precious Metal – A Matter of Personal Style

Then comes the choice of precious metal - an essential aspect that defines the ring's overall appeal. While white gold and platinum are popular for their timeless elegance, yellow and red gold capture the essence of traditional luxury. Remember, the choice of precious metal should mirror the personal style and taste of your soon-to-be bride.

Finding the Perfect Ring Size

Concertedly chosen, or a surprise – either way, getting the right ring size is critical. Our advice? Bring in a ring that fits her perfectly or use our free ring sizer. It’s your gateway to making the perfect statement. Let's make 'the one moment' extra special with a solitaire ring, that ‘Statement Made’ piece from Valquere, that she will fall in love with, again and again.

Pro Tip: Order a free plastic ring sizer now or download ring sizer.
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