Welcome to the enigmatic world of Rose Gold: an exquisite manifestation of the new kind of luxury, handcrafted in the heart of Antwerp. Valquère's unique statement style touches this intimate journey, uncovering the novel allure of rose gold.
Rose gold, a fascinating variant of red gold, is the outcome of an ingenious blend of pure gold with silver and copper, etching a pink hue on the metal. A testament to Valquère's commitment to high-quality lab-grown diamonds and personal service, rose gold offers a distinct perspective on diamond jewellery.



The Historical Context of Rose Gold

Rose gold's inception lies nestled in the enigmatic Fabergé eggs, crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé in the late 1800s. The Russian artisan employed an alloy of gold and copper, creating red gold, subsequently evolving into rose gold with the introduction of sliver. Once renowned as Russian gold, it's now a global phenomenon, cascading across continents as a symbol of timeless luxury.

Rose Gold: The New Classic in Jewellery

In a landscape of changing tastes and fashion-forward trends, rose gold stands firmly as a classic choice. Its timeless elegance now extends beyond high-end jewellery to smartphones and other gadgets. But it's with Valquère's lab grown, hand-crafted jewellery that the allure of rose gold truly shines.

Looking After your Rose Gold Jewellery

Maintaining the lustre of your rose gold jewellery is as facile as your commitment to luxury. A gentle cleaning process with warm water and a smidgen of washing-up liquid keeps your rose gold jewels gleaming, radiating your statement style.

Why a Rose Gold Engagement Ring?

Exude a warmth reflecting your love with a rose gold engagement ring. Women of all tastes, from minimalist to extravagant, find themselves enchanted by the radiance of rose gold. Besides, rose gold rings with a vintage touch or a fancy cut diamond make a high statement, symbolizing Valquère's new kind of luxury.

Rose Gold: The Statement of True Love

Rose gold, with its underlying significance goes beyond aesthetics. It symbolizes true love, making it an excellent choice for your engagement ring. Your engagement ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a statement made.

Blend of Gold Tints: The Vintage Appeal

The versatility of rose gold allows it to blend seamlessly with other gold tints. A combination of rose and white gold in a ring brings a vintage appeal, keeping you on-trend.

Showcasing Rose Gold

Rose gold extends its allure beyond engagement rings. Stackable rings, stud earrings, or bracelets adorned with rose gold add a unique twist to your collection. In the realm of Valquère's handcrafted jewellery, rose gold is not just for women's adornment; it's a statement style for all.

Discover the Valquère essence in every piece of jewellery. Reach out to our jewellery experts for more advice, or to request a custom quote to adorn your world with our high-quality lab grown diamonds.
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