At Valquère, we cater to the discerning Smart Luxury consumer yearning for a balance between innovation and tradition. Envisioned for the forward-thinking, eco-conscious individual, our brand is a modern representation of timeless elegance woven ingeniously with personal service and handcrafted luxury. Our signature "Statement Made" ethos becomes an eloquent expression of the unique character of each diamond ring wearer. 


Interests, Values, and Motivations

Our customer is not just a premium-oriented connoisseur but a trailblazer adopting emerging technologies without compromising on authentic craftsmanship. As digital natives of Europe, they span genders and ethnicities, reflecting the growing acceptance of lab grown diamonds as a choice of personal investment, bonding token, or self-reward milestone.

Quality is paramount for our audience that values the true essence of luxury, neck-to-neck with ethical aspirations. Adhering to this demand, our designs are not just a standard iteration of timeless elegance but a sustainable statement, embodying the innovation and craftsmanship epitomizing Valquère.

The Valquère Product Features:

Renowned for our handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, we accentuate larger diamonds, downplaying designs with smaller stones to uphold our eloquent "Statement Made" tagline. Our assortment brims with quality FVS1 and EVVS2 diamonds and new entrants like pink and blue diamonds. As the crème de la crème of luxury, our diamonds offer the 'best price' and are certified from 1.00 ct, highlighting fancy shapes like oval and emerald cuts.

Moreover, our lab grown diamonds offer an environmentally friendlier, cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds. They provide an opportunity for upgrading size or enhancing personal jewellery collections within a similar budget, with a controlled production process assuring color and brightness consistency.

The diamond ring of your dreams at a favourable price

As Valquère continues to rise in the diamond market, we harness the power of tradition, technology, and sustainability to redefine luxury. Our advanced, resourceful, purposeful, and charming brand image resonates fiercely with our target audience, forming a new understanding of luxury that is inextricably entwined with quality, ethics, and modernity. The result? A statement made every time a Valquère diamond ring graces a hand.
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