In pursuit of the perfect engagement ring, one might envision a dazzlingly handcrafted piece from Antwerp, nestling elegantly around the finger of their beloved. At Valquère, we embrace this image inspiring a multitude of options to ignite your quest for finding the ideal piece of statement jewellery online.



Solitaire diamond engagement ring

Selecting the Classic: Why Choose a Solitaire?

Our solitaire rings are an ageless classic, renowned worldwide for their timeless appeal. Often crafted with a delicate band of white gold or platinum, the ring’s centrepiece is a single, impressive lab-grown diamond. The solitaire’s simplicity allows for larger, high quality, central stones, ensuring your ring stands apart. For a unique touch, consider choosing a precious metal in an unconventional colour.

The Reflective Trio: Why Choose a Trilogy?

The delicate allure of our trilogy rings lies in their captivating design. These rings showcase three exquisite stones, each reflecting and intensifying the light of its companions. Choosing coloured gemstones for the central stone or side stones will completely personalize your trilogy ring, personifying the tastes of your fiancé.

The Showstopper: Why Choose a Halo?

Turning heads inevitably, the halo ring dominates the room with its imposing central gem, further magnified by smaller diamonds crowning around it. The halo ring's blend of meticulous craftsmanship and contemporary design renders it an ideal statement piece for special occasions. For an extra touch, opt for a unique cut or coloured gem.

Personalizing Your Statement with Valquère

Now that the hunt for your perfect engagement ring is complete, take it a step further by personalizing it with loose diamonds handpicked from our collections. Through Valquère's personal service and exceptional expertise, we’ll guide you through your journey, ensuring your statement made is truly a reflection of your unique love story.

Parting Thoughts: Perfect Engagement Ring Awaits at Valquère

By embracing the insights shared here, we hope you are now equipped with the knowledge to successfully find your perfect engagement ring. Remember, at Valquère, extraordinary, handcrafted jewels are painstakingly crafted in the heart of Antwerp, ready to symbolize your unique love story — a statement made for eternity.
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