Embark on a journey of extraordinary style with Valquère, a brand that resonates with a new kind of luxury. We epitomize a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, offering a rich selection of handcrafted jewellery made in Antwerp from high-quality lab-grown diamonds.


Solitaire diamond ring

Embrace Tradition and Innovation with High-Quality Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our ideal customer is the advanced Smart Luxury consumer. These are digital natives from all corners of Europe, men and women of all ethnicities, who are not just tech-savvy early adopters, but open-minded individuals dedicated to sustainability, ethics, and constantly evolving technology. This discerning customer is likely to indulge in self-rewarding purchases during life milestones or choose our pieces for non-traditional gifting, embracing our ethos - Statement Made.

Wedding Masterpieces - Handcrafted with Solitaire Diamonds

When it comes to redefining tradition, Valquère's elegant wedding collection comes into play. Each solitaire diamond symbolizes a perfect fusion of elegant craftsmanship and innovation, marking a surreal beginning to your love story. Our pieces are designed with a focus on larger diamonds, adding a touch of prominent and luxury to your special occasions.

Today, solitaire diamond rings are still as popular as they were in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Maybe even more so because they have not only become more affordable to everyone, but because you can also securely purchase a beautiful solitaire diamond ring directly online.

Lab-Grown Diamonds - The Future of Sustainable Luxury

We champion the use of lab-grown diamonds, enhancing personal jewelry collections without compromising on sustainability and ethics. Our controlled production process ensures consistent color and brightness, making our pieces an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds. With the rising trend in diamond prices, our solitaire diamonds present an upgraded size within a similar budget.

Lastly, at Valquère, the essence of luxury lies in the blend of premium quality, tradition with sustainable, and ethical aspirations. We cater to the fearless, those who dare to be unique and truly believe that excellence lies in every intricately designed piece, echoing their distinct character. If you are looking for an elegant solitaire diamond ring, Valquère is your answer. Contact us now.
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