This year, prepare to treat yourself or a loved one with an extraordinary creation, a handcrafted, tailor-made ring from Valquère. Designed entirely by you and brought to life by our dedicated artisans in Antwerp, our high quality, lab-grown diamonds will serve as the radiant centrepiece of your unique jewellery piece. But here comes the lingering question, which diamond shape best mirrors your unique style and character?



Diamond Shapes for an Elegant Statement: Classic Cuts

The round brilliant, considered the progenitor of all other diamond cuts, is the epitome of timeless elegance. With 57 to 58 meticulously crafted facets, it delivers an unparalleled fusion of fire, scintillation, and brilliance. The round brilliant’s versatility means it can complement any tailor-made ring design, making it an exceptional choice when selecting your diamond shape.

Diamond Shapes for a Modern Statement: Angular Cuts

For those seeking sophistication and a contemporary edge, consider the angular allure of the princess and emerald cuts. These diamond shapes add a dynamic and modern touch to your tailor-made ring.

The princess cut, an iconic square diamond, brings a novel perspective with its inverted pyramid view from the side. It is the second most popular cut for engagement rings, coming closely behind the round brilliant.

Meanwhile, the emerald cut is a step-cut diamond, typically rectangular. While it may not rival the fire of other shapes, the emerald cut offers broader flashes of light that bring a unique appeal to your ring.

Diamond Shapes for a Glamorous Statement: Romantic Cuts

For those drawn towards the harmony of soft lines, we offer the cushion diamond shape. This shape infuses your tailor-made ring with glamour and sentiment.

The cushion cut is a softened square diamond, its rounded corners providing a more gentle, pleasing aesthetic.

Have you found the perfect diamond shape for your own tailor-made ring? Remember, Valquère's exceptional tailor-made service uses diamonds sourced directly from our high-quality lab in Antwerp. Don't hesitate to get in touch for guidance; our specialists eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in the process of creating your tailor-made statement ring.
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