Since when did diamonds become a symbol of forever? Why did the once exclusive diamond industry require a rejuvenation? Which brilliant marketing agency transformed the perception of diamond engagement rings? What enduring campaign crystalized diamond's position in the heart of De Beers?

Today, it's almost a given that a marriage proposal arrives in the form of a diamond engagement ring. Yet, diamonds weren't always the norm. They were once a symbol of opulence, reserved for the wealthiest. So, how did this perception shift? What strategies were deployed to ensure that diamonds and engagement rings became inseparably linked?


The Diamond Industry's Need for Revival

In the 1930s, an economic crisis coursed through the United States and much of Europe due to the stock market crash of 1929. The crisis, in part, due to post-war overproduction in agriculture and the rapid increase in industrial mechanization, led to plummeting diamond sales. Future brides fancied practical items, like a laundry machine or a new car, rather than a diamond engagement ring. Diamond behemoth De Beers needed a fresh perspective to invigorate its diamond sales.

The Marketing Maestro Behind Diamond Engagement Rings

De Beers sought the expertise of marketing agency N.W. Ayer & Son. Following comprehensive consumer research, the agency found that invoking sentiment both for their diamonds and their advertisements was the key. The emotional value of a diamond offered a unique selling proposition that no other product could contest. N.W. Ayer & Son set an audacious goal: to create a scenario where almost every proposer felt compelled to seal their proposal with a diamond engagement ring.

The Timeless Campaign that Stood the Test of Time

Frances Gerety, De Beers' copywriter, wrote monthly letters to newspapers, detailing the diamond jewellery adorned by Hollywood's stars. In 1947, Frances penned the iconic phrase 'A diamond is forever' to accompany an image of a diamond engagement ring. Following this campaign’s launch, every American woman desired a diamond engagement ring, etching De Beers' slogan into the annals of ad history.

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