Embarking on the journey to find a perfect engagement ring for your loved one? Do you crave something original, symbolic, and luxurious? Then Valquère's handcrafted rose gold engagement ring could be just what you're pursuing. These rings carry a unique charm, and with their distinct appearance, can win everyone's heart.



Red gold diamond ring

Rose Gold: A New Luxury

Rose gold, made by alloying 24-karat gold with copper and silver, distinguishes itself with its warm, blush tone. It's a shade lighter than red gold and is effortlessly becoming a statement style in the jewellery world.

Beyond the realm of yellow gold, white gold, red gold, and platinum, the world of gold houses some exceptional tones as well. The amalgamation of pure gold with other precious metals results in uniquely coloured gold alloys. One of the notable ones being rose gold, a captivating hue for your engagement ring. The subtlety between rose gold and red gold might be challenging to identify, yet rose gold holds an originality that's impossible to ignore.

The Origin of Rose Gold

Peter Carl Fabergé, the Russian virtuoso, was the first to use rose gold in his world-renowned Fabergé eggs during the late 17th century. He achieved this colour by mixing gold with copper, enriched by a hint of silver. This colour quickly gained favour in Russia, Western Europe, and the United States, and today it exemplifies the new kind of luxury personified by Valquère.

When to Choose Rose Gold?

Rose gold harmonises with various styles, from a romantic, whimsical look to a casual ensemble paired with stylish boots and a leather jacket. This hue complements individuals with a warm undertone in their complexion. Furthermore, rose gold pairs beautifully with similar warm colours. Hence, consider your partner's existing jewellery collection before making a choice.

Is a Rose Gold Engagement Ring the Right Fit?

A rose gold engagement ring, while currently on-trend, may feel less timeless than yellow gold or platinum. However, its sheer beauty, especially in minimalist solitaire or halo designs, symbolises absolute class and luxury. The romantic hue can be paired with playful details or a striking diamond for a vintage look. According to The Knot, while white gold represents friendship and yellow gold embodiment fidelity, rose gold epitomises true love.

Other Engagement Ring Options

If you're still deliberating if a rose gold engagement ring is the right fit for your partner, consider other timeless alternatives like yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

For further inquiries about purchasing an engagement ring, let Valquère guide you with our expertise in handcrafting unique jewels.
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