In the world of the independent businesswoman, jewellery stands as an essential accessory, as significant as her footwear or her tote. It must mirror her character, embody sartorial elegance, and not be excessively ostentatious. With Valquère offering handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, finds are a blend of high-quality lab grown diamonds and unique design. Here are a few essential pieces that every woman must don when stepping out to work.



Statement Necklaces: Redefining Luxury

Ornamenting your décolleté with a necklace or pendant is a crucial part of any workwear collection, whether you prefer statement pieces that create a buzz or simple yet stunning long necklaces that add a dash of colour and sparkle.

Statement necklaces, confident and bold, can portray a contemporary image, showcasing your inner confidence, both stylistically and professionally. Valquère carefully crafts these pieces, ensuring that while they are striking, they don't overpower your look.

For the understated and chic businesswoman, sautoirs, or long necklaces, add a stylish, romantic touch to tailored suits or elegant shirts, subtly contributing that extra glint to your outfit.

The Timeless Watch: An Icon of Elegance

While one might argue that watches have lost their relevance in the age of smartphones, a timeless watch still exudes a particular business gravitas. A watch with a sleek and elegant finish never fails to make an indelible impression.

Own a watch and you subtly signal your attention to detail, time, and schedules - crucial in any workplace setting. With a steady rise in the number of women investing in watches, wouldn't you want to join this trend?

Bold Earrings: A Touch of Sophistication

For those who prefer earrings over necklaces, a pair of bold earrings can brighten your face and ensemble. While long dangly earrings may not be the most practical for the workplace, larger, more stable earrings can work perfectly.

Earrings not only directly adorn your face but are often the first accessories to catch the observer's eye. The shine of white gold or platinum can be the perfect complement to your outfit or other accessories.

Valquère's collection of classic and designer necklaces and earrings, inspired by the latest trends in diamond jewellery, adds modern luxury to everyday wear. Check out Valquère’s comprehensive online catalogue and avail of the secure payment systems & efficient shipping services.
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