A diamond ring possesses a timeless allure, just like the high-quality, lab-grown diamonds from Valquère. A symbol of enduring love, a diamond ring elevates personal style, making its own unique statement. However, despite being the sturdiest material on the planet, it requires delicate care to preserve its radiance.


Yellow gold halo diamond engagement ring

10 straightforward tips

Here are 10 straightforward tips, from playful statement style to sophisticated elegance, on how to look after your diamond ring, ensuring it sparkles just as brightly as the day you first laid eyes on it.

Regular Polishing is Key: Remember, Valquère’s lab-grown diamonds are handcrafted with care and deserve the same from you. Do not underestimate the power of a regular soft touch-up that can keep your ring sparkling.

Gentle Cleaning: Use mild soap, never abrasive substances that can leave unwanted scratches on your precious Valquère piece.

A Jeweller’s Touch: Like the personalized service Valquère offers, let a professional inspect your ring annually. Their expertise can address issues that might escape the untrained eye.

Perfect Fit: Ensure your ring is custom-made to fit, preventing scratches and damage. At Valquère, we ensure you get the perfect fit.

Bathing and Showering: Protect your luxurious statement piece from the harsh chemicals found in many personal care products.

Safe Work Practice: Whether gardening or polishing furniture, make sure your diamond ring is safe from potential harm.

Swimming Precautions: Avoid damaging your ring with chlorine by removing it before taking a dip.

Sunscreen Stains: Just as sunblock protects your skin, taking off your ring protects it from the lotion's greasy residue.

Safe Storage: When not wearing your unique symbol of luxury, store it securely. Valquère's handcrafted jewellery boxes are an ideal choice.

Invest in a Safe: A sturdy safe can provide further protection from theft or damage.

Valquère to the rescue

Despite our best efforts, accidents can happen. Therefore, trust in the hands of those who originally crafted your personal statement piece; let Valquère restore its shine.

Recent diamond market trends underscore the value of your investment. As prices fluctuate, the timeless appeal of diamonds remains unchanging. Choose Valquère, a testament to a new kind of luxury, where high quality meets personal service.
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