Embarking on the journey of a second engagement is a celebration full of joy, and it also invites a renewed perspective on traditional rules. Valquère, an Antwerp-based luxury brand, invites you to redefine these rules with our exquisite collection of lab-grown diamond rings and handcrafted jewellery.



What Happens to the Rings from Your First Engagement?

In the modern context, second engagements and weddings might still be viewed traditionally. If considerations of maintaining respect for your new partnership come into play, it may be time to purchase a new diamond ring, symbolizing a fresh start.

Nevertheless, if an heirloom ring was part of your first engagement, its historical or familial significance might invite its continuous wear. In this case, consider donning it on a different hand while embracing a new engagement ring from Valquère to represent this new chapter in your life.

If you find no longer wearing them is the way forward, the former rings can serve as cherished gifts to your children or be artistically melded into a new jewellery piece that reflects your current preferences.

Choosing Your Second Engagement Ring: Together or Solo?

The second engagement often heralds a more considered approach, with many couples choosing to decide jointly on their engagement rings. Yet, the magic of surprise remains a cherished aspect for some couples, so there truly is no one-size-fits-all 'rule'.

In today's market trends, there's a notable shift towards statement engagement rings, whether it's because of increased financial security or just a desire for a grander symbol of love. Valquère caters to these evolving preferences with unique, handcrafted statement jewellery, creating a new kind of luxury.

Remember, your partner's tastes might have changed over the years. While a diamond solitaire might have been the classic choice for the first engagement, think outside the box. A striking lab-grown diamond from Valquère could be the perfect symbol for your second engagement.

Every second engagement is a unique journey. As you navigate the 'rules', remember to embrace change and personal style. With Valquère, you can find a beautiful statement piece that reflects this milestone's significance and luxury. As you embark on this new chapter, let Valquère be your partner in creating the perfect symbol of your love. Contact us now.
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