Valquère, a brand marked by advanced charm and purposeful innovation, brings to you a new era of luxury. Our unique creations, custom designs, and luxury lab-grown jewellery, cater to the Smart Luxury Consumer, a premium-oriented individual with a conscious mindset. We serve the digital natives of Europe, both men and women, who dare to be unique and do not settle for anything less than excellence.  


Yellow gold tennis bracelet

Bracelet Trends

Bracelet trends are on the rise, and Valquère is at the forefront, striking a perfect balance between timeless elegance and cutting-edge design. Each handcrafted piece we produce in the heart of Antwerp symbolizes a modern reinterpretation of age-old luxury. And with the latest introduction of colored diamonds like white and blue, our creations are nothing less than a statement in itself.

The Appeal of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Our focal point remains the high-quality lab-grown diamonds, which not only adhere to the 'statement made' ethos but also mirror the advanced outlook of our customers. With the controlled production process of these diamonds, we ensure color and brightness consistency that rivals that of natural diamonds. Plus, the sustainability and ethical reassuring aspect of these lab-grown diamonds add a new facet to the appeal of luxury jewellery.

The Valquère Advantage

At Valquère, we promise a new kind of luxury that doesn't compromise on sustainability, ethics, and financial values. Our lab-grown diamonds offer the option for an upgraded size or an enhanced personal jewellery collection within a similar budget, making them a superior choice for tech-savvy early adopters.

Making a Statement with Valquère

Whether you're celebrating personal milestones or opting for non-traditional gifting, interested in on-trend bracelets or in a classic style, Valquère stays true to its statement - creating masterpieces that are as unique as you. Keep an eye on the current trends with us; make your statement with Valquère. Contact us now.
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