Time is running thin on your wedding-planning schedule, and you seek a symbol of love radiating unmistakable elegance and enduring commitment. A wedding ring set from Valquère is the perfect response to this quest. Not just a representation of your love, our rings are carefully fashioned statements that signify the unique luxury Valquère offers.


White gold wedding ring Valquère

Decoding the Wedding Ring Set

A wedding ring set pairs the engagement ring and the wedding ring, with designs that can either be harmonious or contrasting, yet still complementary. Embracing this trend, modern brides often highlight their wedding ring sets in their daily attire, stepping away from the old-age tradition of reserving the engagement ring for special events.

Choosing a Valquère Wedding Ring Set: An Efficient Solution When on a Tight Schedule

When your wedding preparations have set you on a tight schedule, a wedding ring set from Valquère smoothly aligns with your needs - financially, practically, and aesthetically. Deftly combining high quality lab grown diamonds with personal service, our handcrafted Antwerp jewellery brings new meaning to luxury in a wedding ring set.

Purchasing your engagement and wedding rings together ensures better value for your investment. The diamond market trends lean towards competitive pricing per carat, particularly when purchasing multiple diamonds simultaneously. And with Valquère, you're investing in meticulously crafted, ethically sourced, lab grown diamonds of the highest quality.

In the race against time, traversing through myriad jewellery stores on a quest for the perfect rings can be daunting. Instead, consider a Valquère wedding ring set – a time-saving choice that allows you to select matching rings instantly.

If a refined wedding ring set is yet to find its home on your finger, the Valquère collection awaits your perusal. Our online platform, supplemented by personalized services in our private showrooms, promises a seamless shopping experience. Let our statement pieces become your love’s testament.
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