What makes a wedding ring truly stand out? It's not just about the price tag, but the story it holds, the emotions it reflects, and the statement it makes. At Valquère, we believe that luxury is not about exceeding your budget, but about finding a piece that perfectly resonates with your style and sentiments.


White gold diamond engagement ring

The Price of Passion

Long gone are the days when spending three months worth of your salary on a wedding ring was the norm, these days, two months' is the average expected investment. However, at Valquère, we believe in personalising your experience, working within your budget to handcraft a statement piece that embodies your love story.

Choosing the Perfect Metal

When it comes to wedding rings, one size doesn't fit all. Pay attention to the type of jewellery your partner cherishes. From the rich hues of yellow and rose gold to the pristine allure of white gold and platinum, the choice of metal plays a significant role in the overall aesthetics and cost of the ring.

The Clarity Story

At Valquère, we set the standard for the perfect stone cut. Our lab-grown diamonds reflect nothing but absolute clarity. No rough signatures or scratch marks - just flawless, mirror-like facets that shimmer with unmatched brilliance.

The Colour of Love

Choosing the right colour for your gemstone is crucial in making your wedding ring truly your own. While colourless diamonds are traditionally sought after, Valquère offers a range of rare and unique hues such as blue or pink. The colour grade also influences the cost of your diamond, adding another personal touch to your wedding ring.

Counting Carats

In the world of diamonds, size does not equate to carat weight. Larger stones can sometimes be lighter than smaller, denser ones. Valquère's selection of lab-grown diamonds ensures quality and affordability without compromising on size.

Defining the Ring Style

Your ring should be as unique as your love story. From the ring width to the thickness, the options are limitless for you to design a wedding ring that embodies your personal statement.

Make your wedding ring a true symbol of love and luxury with Valquère. We are excited to assist you in making a statement on your big day, with our Antwerp handcrafted, lab-grown diamond wedding rings. Contact the Valquère team now to discuss your plans.
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