Have you recently said 'yes' to a beautifully crafted engagement ring? It's time to embark on the exquisite journey of planning your dream wedding, a day destined to shine bright for a lifetime. From the invites, the ceremony, the venue to the catering, every detail is crucial. Importantly, what about your wedding gown and the adornments to accentuate it? Have you selected your bridal jewellery? Allow Valquère's lab-grown diamond accessories to be part of your celebration, ensuring that your look is flawlessly completed. 


Which Wedding Ring Best Suits My Engagement Ring?

Before you set your heart on earrings, necklaces, and other pieces, let's focus on the crucial bridal ornament - the wedding ring. How do you ensure the perfect harmony between your wedding ring and your engagement ring? Choosing the same precious metal and style for both rings can create a stunning ensemble.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marital traditions, many modern couples are choosing non-identical wedding rings, representing their unique identities within the relationship. This individual style statement is something Valquère, with our range of lab-grown diamond rings, fully supports and encourages.
Engaged couple

How to Choose Complementary Bridal Jewellery?

Have you both found the perfect match from our extensive collection of lab-grown diamond wedding rings? Have you discovered the dream wedding dress that seamlessly complements your personality? Amazing! Now focus on finding the perfect bridal jewellery. Remember, the rule is to opt for the same precious metal for a harmonious look.

Your chosen bridal jewellery will significantly depend on your preference and the style of your wedding dress. Is your dress closed at the neck? A necklace might not be the best choice. Sporting long lace sleeves? Perhaps skip the bracelet.

Which Earrings Accentuate My Look?

Earrings are a quintessential item in a bride's treasure box. They have a unique way of highlighting your face, makeup, and hairstyle. Suppose they are in sync with your engagement and wedding ring. In that case, they not only enhance your overall look but also become a timeless set for special occasions.

Choose diamond earrings with the same vibrant shine that you'll have on your remarkable day. Classic, modern, or a more artistic design emphasising a special theme? You'll undoubtedly find what you're looking for among Valquère's lab-grown diamond earring collection.

At Valquère, we redefine the luxury diamond landscape with our exceptional customer service. Need assistance in ensuring all your jewellery perfectly complements your engagement ring and wedding ring? Contact our experts via email, chat, or phone, and experience the seamless blend of exquisite European craftsmanship and innovative technologies.
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