A gold statement necklace by Valquère isn't just a piece of jewellery, it's a declaration of style. It's the Antwerp-crafted magic that transforms your look from mundane to mesmerising. Whether you aim to enchant in the evening or add allure to a simple sweater, our handcrafted statement necklace will ensure all eyes are on you. Its distinctive luxury, makes it an ideal complement for a chic wedding dress, a simple turtleneck, or a stylish white blouse.



Yellow gold diamond necklace

Can I wear a Valquère statement necklace any time of the year?

Absolutely! At Valquère, our statement necklaces transcend seasonal norms. Each piece, adorned with our high-quality lab-grown diamonds, boosts your ensemble no matter the season. In spring or summer, let our vibrant and colourful jewellery breathe life into your outfit. In colder or gloomier months, our gold statement necklace brings instant warmth and sparkle to your attire. Our statement necklaces are the radiant touch that banishes the winter grey.

When to wear a Valquère statement necklace?

For everyday elegance at work, opt for our gold statement necklace. Its single hue pairs harmoniously with darker clothing, adding a refined touch without overpowering your look. For grander occasions, be audacious with our diamond statement necklace. Complete the ensemble with our meticulously crafted, decorative stackable rings or diamond earrings for a well-rounded, luxurious look.

Choosing the Perfect Fit for your Valquère Gold Statement Necklace

Finding the ideal length for your gold statement necklace is more an exploration of personal style than a strict guideline. Our various lengths allow you to highlight and accentuate your preferred features in a way that aligns with your style. Whether it's a choker-style piece that delicately underlines the neckline or a classic draping necklace to emphasize your feminine contour, your comfort and confidence should always take precedence.

Selecting a Diamond Statement Necklace by Valquère

With Valquère, your statement is always in style. Our diamond statement necklace, a favourite among the fashion-forward, is a stunning showstopper that never fades into the background. Regardless of the occasion, these eye-catching pieces are perfect for any setting. Make your mark with Valquère- where your style meets our statement.

Explore our extensive range of handcrafted gold statement necklaces or consult our personal service for a thoroughly satisfying shopping experience.
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