Deciding on the perfect lab-grown diamond is merely the first step in your journey to eternal commitment. Navigating through an array of ring settings to showcase your diamond, however, is an inherent part of your love story. Here, we exhibit the charm of the most favoured settings.


Prong Setting

A classic among engagement ring settings, the prong setting universally flatters various diamond shapes. Dependent on the diamond size, you can opt for 4 to 10 prongs for a secure stone setting. Considered highly desirable due to its full stone visibility, a prong setting needs careful maintenance to prevent loosening of the prongs over time.


Bezel setting, renowned for its everyday practicality, snugly wraps a thin metal rim around the stone. Providing a safe embrace for your diamond, it is a classic choice for engagement rings and other statement pieces.


The tension setting's allure lies in the illusion of a diamond suspended in the air. With laser precision, jewelers cut diminutive grooves on the band's sides measured to the diamond, allowing the stone to luxuriously rest, secured by the band's pressure.


The invisible setting artfully amalgamates multiple stones, creating the impression of a singular, large gem. A complex setting, it perfectly aligns each stone’s grooves into a barely visible framework, ideal for princess cuts.

Other Settings: Channel and Pave

To enhance your statement engagement ring, consider adding side stones using channel or pave settings. With diamonds lined in a row on the band, the channel setting is perfect for adding glamour to your engagement rings. In contrast, pave settings use minute prongs to hold petite side stones, resulting in a brilliant sparkle that elevates the allure of the center stone.

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Note: Ensure to embrace the latest trends and insights on diamond prices and market when choosing your perfect ring.
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