In the captivating world of Amsterdam, where innovation and tradition harmoniously blend, a new brand rises, radiant as a diamond; Valquère. Infused with the spirit of the smart Luxury Consumer, our brand offers a modern iteration of timeless elegance, delivering uniquely designed, handcrafted jewellery to the digital natives of Europe.
Our brand thrives in the hearts of the ethically conscious and technologically savvy, individuals who seamlessly weave their eco-awareness into the fabric of their luxurious lifestyle. It's the millennials of Amsterdam, who adorn themselves with our stylish diamond necklaces, making a bold statement within their circles.


Valquère: A Synthesis of Values and Motivations

At Valquère, we believe in a refined equilibrium of tradition and quality, a balance that doesn't compromise on ethical sustainability or innovative technology. Our statement jewellery encapsulates these values, each piece mirroring the distinct character of its wearer, constantly reaffirming our brand ethos, "Statement made."

Our Brand’s Distinct Characteristics

Imbued with an advanced approach, resourceful creativity, purposeful mission, and charming appeal, Valquère doesn't just showcase jewellery; we present a testament to a conscious, luxurious lifestyle.
Our commitment to crafting lab-grown diamond jewellery is rooted in the innovative reinterpretation of timeless elegance. Each diamond necklace radiating from Amsterdam is a unique creation, an embodiment of exquisite craftsmanship, and an expression of sustainable luxury.

The Benchmark of Our Products

Our attention to detail goes beyond the physical product. We take pride in our personal service, ensuring that each piece of jewellery aligns with the 'statement made' ethos. Valquère as a brand, is an eco-conscious alternative that marries tradition with innovation to redefine luxury in a new light.

A symbol of the contemporary luxury consumer, Valquère seamlessly marries the old-world charm of Antwerp-crafted jewellery with the cutting-edge technology of lab-grown diamonds. Whether you're in the scenic bylanes of Amsterdam wearing a stunning Valquère necklace or celebrating personal milestones, one thing is guaranteed - with Valquère, a statement is made.

Where can I buy a necklace in Amsterdam?

The Valquère showroom is located at the world-famous Keizersgracht 75, near the Herengracht. You can count on a personalised welcome, explanations of the collections and a relaxed atmosphere. There you can take your time to discover and choose the diamond jewellery that best fits you.
If you want to buy a diamond necklace, you can visit our showroom in Amsterdam. Request an appointment and time so we can welcome you and guide you through the process under the very best circumstances.
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