When considering the perfect diamond wedding jewellery for your special day, why not evoke romantic traditional beliefs in your choices? The time-honoured adage 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' has been a guiding principle for numerous brides across the centuries. But how can you weave this enchanting blend of sentiments into your wedding attire? At Valquère, we pave the way for you to make a statement with unique handcrafted jewellery that mirrors these very beliefs into your diamond wedding look, while adding a contemporary touch of luxury. 


Unveiling the Adage

The roots of this adage are cloaked in history, appearing as early as in an 1876 publication as an “ancient custom”. The 'something old' represents continuity and resilience of your bond, while 'something new' ushers optimism for the promising journey ahead. Borrowing happiness from a thriving couple via 'something borrowed' blesses your nuptial union, and 'something blue' holds the promise of fidelity and purity.

The Old and New in Diamond Allure

Diamonds, with their timeless allure, perfectly serve as the 'something old' in your wedding ensemble. Consider adorning a piece of heirloom jewellery or even a cherished item from your mother or aunt. A pair of diamond studs or a subtle diamond necklace can seamlessly harmonize with your wedding look, keeping the charm and tradition alive. 

For your 'something new', explore our meticulously crafted jewellery sets at Valquère, whose sparkle matches the radiance of your joy and dreams of a future together. 

The Borrowed and Blue Elegance

Diamond jewellery can also serve as 'something borrowed’ if family heirlooms aren’t readily available. Maybe your maid of honour could lend a piece of her own diamond jewellery, bestowing upon your celebration an additional touch of sentimental value. 

Incorporating the 'something blue' can be a vibrant statement of personality - a diamond piece accented with deep blue sapphire, for instance, gives a bold, yet classic look. Or, subtly embrace blue detailing in your attire or a garter, complementing your overall aesthetic. 

Make Your Mark with Valquère

At Valquère, we’re here to guide you through curating your perfect diamond wedding set, in tune with enduring traditions and contemporary luxury. Elevate your special day with jewellery that not only reflects your personal style but also encapsulates the essence of time-honoured beliefs, converging into our handcrafted statement pieces from Antwerp.
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