Welcome to the world of Valquère, where we craft bold statements with our exquisite, handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp. The perfect diamond piece begins with an ideal cut, a cut that not only suits emeralds but also makes diamonds stand out brilliantly - the emerald cut.


Enriching the Emerald Cut

The emerald cut, a rectangular cut, offers less shine but unmatched clarity, enabling every inclusion to be seen. The emerald cut, also known as the step cut, is like stepping up a staircase, featuring three concentric rows of facets arranged around the table, with an additional three on the pavilion.

Choosing an Emerald Cut: The Statement of Luxury

The emerald cut diamond, symbolizing the new kind of luxury, offers a vintage look with a sophisticated allure. It often appears larger due to the cut creating a larger surface area than other diamonds with the same carat weight. Set in a ring, it enhances the slender beauty of your fingers.

An Evolution from Emerald to Diamond

The emerald cut, traditionally employed for emeralds, was later used for diamonds, emphasizing clarity over brilliance. Today, with advanced cutting techniques, diamond cutters can minimize impurities, allowing the emerald cut to compete with a princess cut brilliant.

Crafting the Perfect Emerald Cut: A Journey with Valquère

At Valquère, we believe in providing personal service. Our expertly trained craftspeople take into account the proportions and symmetry of the stone while crafting your unique piece. Whether it's engagement rings or statement jewellery pieces, you join a revered group of celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Amal Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Mariah Carey, who've also chosen the emerald cut.

Choosing Your Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cuts make impurities, inclusions, and colours more visible, so select a clear stone with minimal colour. But remember, the resulting allure is worth it. At Valquère, our experts will guide you through the process, from the first rough design to the finished product, ensuring the high quality of our lab-grown diamonds.

Discover Other Diamond Cuts

There are many other dazzling diamond cuts, each with its own character and properties. All are designed to make a statement that perfectly complements your style. Are you looking for an emerald cut diamond? Our experts will gladly custom design your jewel and make it perfectly according to all your wishes.
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