How can I preserve the sparkle in my Valquère jewellery? What steps should I take to maintain and inspect my handcrafted pieces from Antwerp? Whether it's your bespoke engagement ring, your gold statement earrings, or your sophisticated lab-grown diamond necklace from Valquère's exclusive collection, maintaining your jewellery is fundamental. Implementing a regular schedule to review and clean your cherished pieces ensures their longevity. This guide offers insightful tips on how to keep your Valquère jewellery shining for an even longer time.


Yellow gold diamond necklace

Maintaining Your Valquère Jewellery

Everyday wear exposes your jewellery to dirt, oils, and chemicals, potentially affecting their lustre. It's recommended to remove your lab-grown diamond necklace while cleaning or safely store your handcrafted ring when washing dishes. Immerse yourself in our video guide to discover how to clean your Valquère diamond jewellery safely with household products.

For an exceptional shine, consider scheduling a professional cleaning with Valquère’s experts yearly. If you wear your adornments daily, biannual cleaning can help maintain their brilliance.

The Professional Cleaning Experience

At Valquère, professional cleaning of jewellery involves an ultrasonic cleaner. It uses high-frequency sound waves that create vibration-induced air bubbles in the cleaning bath, dislodging dirt and ensuring an immaculate finish.

This method ensures no scratches on your high-quality lab-grown diamonds and reaches hidden places that manual cleaning might miss.

Essential Routine: Jewellery Inspection

A professional cleaning session with Valquère also includes meticulous inspection of your jewellery. Sometimes the diamonds adorning your statement necklace might slightly loosen, or dirt might hide damage on your engagement ring. Therefore, avoiding wearing your jewellery on the beach or during swimming and storing them separately is advisable. Regular expert inspections are crucial to preclude further damage; you'd hate to lose a diamond out of oversight.

Bringing new luxury into your life with Valquère's lab grown diamonds and handcrafted jewellery also entails understanding the importance of maintenance and inspection. If you have questions about maintaining your Valquère pieces, purchasing or need advice, we are at your service.
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