Decided on a forever commitment? Applause! Now, it's time to explore the thrilling journey of finding the perfect engagement ring. But where will you buy it? This blog guides you through the choices at your disposal, such as traditional jewellers, private consultations, and online boutiques.

There was a time when everyone flocked to traditional jewellers to purchase an engagement ring. Today, the game has changed. Nevertheless, the time-honoured tradition of browsing selections at a renowned jeweller persists. Within this category, Antwerp stands out as the engagement ring capital, boasting a plethora of esteemed jewellers.


Emerald cut engagement ring

Traditional jeweller

The undeniable allure of a traditional jeweller is the privilege of holding and observing the jewellery physically. However, the constraints of a busy jeweller may limit their attention to you, translating to a less personal service. Furthermore, the overhead costs associated with maintaining physical stores influence the price of the engagement ring.

Private consultation

An alternative to wandering into a shop is scheduling a private appointment. This platform assures specialized attention and expert guidance, allowing you to discover the perfect ring that captures the heart of your significant other. Our expert consultants, with years of experience and industry trends at their fingertips, are waiting to provide an exclusive service at our showrooms in distinguished cities worldwide.

Online boutiques

Finally, the online realm invites you with the promise of convenience and cost-effectiveness. From the comfort of your home, you can browse vast collections, compare various designs, and secure transactions promptly. Lower costs associated with online boutiques reflect in the price of our engagement rings, offering value without compromising quality.

So, where should you buy your engagement ring? If you prefer specialized guidance, book a private appointment at our showroom. For an affordable and convenient option, shop online! Regardless of your choice, our experts are here to ensure you find the perfect ring to pop the big question. Contact us now.
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