Choosing an engagement ring is a profound journey infused with love and symbolizing future unity. It's not an easy path, but it's made simpler when you opt for a brand that embodies personal service and handcrafted quality. So, how does one navigate the myriad of options on offer in jewellery stores or online? Valquère is here to help you decipher and decide between traditional and modern engagement rings.


Engagement ring

Classic Engagement Rings: The Unending Charm of The Solitaire

In many cultures, it's customary for a man to present a diamond engagement ring to his future spouse. These rings are typically solitaire designs that rest on the bride's left hand till her wedding day. Valquère, with its roots in the traditions of Antwerp, offers key insights to choose the perfect engagement ring. The traditional design can also be elevated with solitaires adorned with side diamonds, or ones that feature treasured family heirloom designs.

Identifying the Modern Engagement Ring

Traditional rings aren't the only option for a marriage proposal. You could venture off the beaten path with modern engagement rings that teem with originality. Valquère epitomizes this new era of luxury, encapsulating unique designs with its high-quality lab-grown diamonds. These modern rings might deviate from the diamond norm, incorporating vividly colourful gemstones paired with diamond circles, reminiscent of Kate Middleton's statement ring.

Making the Choice: Classic vs Modern Engagement Rings

In a world where less is more, engagement rings can seamlessly blend modernity and tradition. Amplifying the charm is Valquère's statement jewellery style that relies heavily on the setting - the key determinant of a ring's modernity. Remember, clawless rings are gaining popularity, symbolising a fresh perspective on craftsmanship. Valquère offers a plethora of designs to cater to your desires and budget. For a more bespoke touch, our personal service includes a tailor-made option where we help you design your own engagement ring.

As you embark on this journey of selecting the perfect engagement ring, stay updated with the latest diamond price trends and market information. Valquère, with its statement jewellery and commitment to quality, promises a new kind of luxury for your special moment.
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