Making the planetary alignment for that perfect proposal with a platinum ring from Valquère is a pivotal moment of your life story; one that should resonate with our statement making, handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp. It's not just about the moment, but also about what comes after; the ever-present sparkle of the high-quality, lab-grown diamond, set within your dream platinum ring. How can you ensure the right ring is chosen that you’d treasure for a lifetime?



Platinum diamond ring

Discovering Your Perfect Ring Style

Before you can subtly hint on your ideal diamond ring style, you must first make sure you pinpoint your preferences to the finest detail. Surprisingly, some brides-to-be have a vague notion of what their perfect engagement ring embodies. Are you enchanted by a classic yellow gold band, or is your heart set on a Valquère platinum ring? The answer lies in research; knowing what's out there and determining your perfect fit. With that sorted, it's time to send out hints.

Pro Tips on Subtle Hinting

Dropping hints about your perfect engagement ring doesn’t have to be a cryptic mission. Openly sharing specific desires, like "Kate Middleton's oval blue sapphire surrounded by 14 round cut diamonds," might be your preferred route. However, finding a simpler way to consolidate your ideas such as a dedicated Pinterest board can be a backup insurance. If your heart yearns for a platinum ring, put emphasis on that, avoiding white gold pins. Likewise, if a diamond is essential, steer clear of other gems.

The Trustworthy Ring Advisor

A trusted confidante can be your secret accomplice to make sure he selects your ideal platinum ring. Choose someone who understands your taste profile intimately, someone he would naturally reach out to for advice. This could be your sister, best friend, or mother. Equip them with photos or detailed descriptions of your dream platinum ring.

Journey to Perfect Platinum Ring Inspiration

Finding the perfect inspiration for your dream platinum ring and making sure the right engagement ring is picked is a journey we gladly share with you at Valquère. Our diamond experts leverage the latest data on diamond prices and market trends to guide you in creating a statement jewellery piece that symbolises a new kind of luxury. Contact the diamond experts at Valquère for guidance in finding the perfect diamond jewellery.
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