Embodying the essence of Valquère’s statement jewellery approach to a new kind of luxury, we understand the personal value and significance of a diamond ring in your collection. Whether it's a daily worn piece like your engagement ring or a statement piece reserved for special occasions, wear and tear is inevitable.

Just as a diamond’s brilliance symbolizes our commitment to exceptional quality, it's important to ensure that this radiance is retained. Regular check-ups can prevent damage and preserve your diamond's lustre. When was your diamond ring last checked? Delve into why these inspections are crucial and learn how often they should take place.


Diamond ring

The Three Steps of Diamond Ring Check-ups

A diamond ring check-up at Valquère, renowned for its handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, comprises three critical steps:

1. Security Check: The jeweller ensures that the diamond settings remain intact and that your lab-grown diamonds are secure. This step is essential for preventing any potential diamond loss.

2. Cleaning: The ring is professionally cleaned to eliminate dust particles that could accumulate and potentially damage the diamond irreversibly. Our care extends beyond aesthetics, prioritizing the overall integrity of your piece.

3. Polishing: While optional, polishing your ring can restore its pristine charm. Be mindful that polishing precious metals like gold requires a delicate approach.

The Why and When of Diamond Ring Check-ups

Ensure your diamond ring stays a lasting symbol of luxury. Regularly scheduled check-ups can uncover invisible issues, such as oxidation-affected claws that might cause your diamond to dislodge. The last thing you'd want is to discover that your diamond has disappeared.

Depending on how frequently you wear your diamond ring, an annual check-up is the minimum recommended frequency. Rings worn regularly may require more frequent checks. If your diamond ring suffers a strong knock, don't delay a check-up.

Ultimately, our promise extends beyond providing high-quality, lab-grown diamonds. At Valquère, we're here to guide you through every step of your diamond journey, even after your purchase. If you're considering a diamond ring or need more information about our designs, don't hesitate to contact us.
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